November 28, 2014

How to Find Best Domain Names for Your Website

If you are here, that means you are planning to take the next step to Online marketing? Let's see what you need: A Platform like WordPress, Drupal, A good Webhosting company, and the best domain name.

So today, we will discuss a few things that you need to keep in mind before choosing a domain name. Selecting a domain is the first thing to do before starting a website. A bad domain name can hit your brand, so never choose domain names with your name.
How to Find Best Domain Names for Your Website: eAskme
How to Find Best Domain Names for Your Website: eAskme

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Useful Tips to Grab Best Domain Name:

I always recommend you to go for the .com domain name, as it is best for SEO and branding.

The best advantage of a good domain name is easy branding. Don’t you think: E ASK ME is a good domain name, which is Easy to ASK and easy to remember?

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What Should Consider When Choosing a Domain Name?

Be Unique:

Never take a domain already popular in the same niche; choose a domain name with keyword and according to your interest. For example, if you want a tech blog domain, rather than choosing a domain name like tech buzz, Tekzilla, it's better to choose a unique domain like geekscalling.
Also, check your domain on namecheck.

Easy to write:

Write the name of without with simple and never you “special characters.” Avoid spelling mistakes and harsh words.

Easy to pronounce:

To get a short domain name, you need to be creative. Make your domain easy to pronounce and remember. For example, if you choose, people pronounce it as and type the wrong domain.

So always choose domains with exact words like EASKME, WikiHealthBlog, etc. But easy to pronounce domain, and it will be easy to remember domain name.

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Too Long Names:

Never Choose long domain names like, the most extended domain .com domain name in the world. If you use a more extended domain, no one is going to remember it.


  • The domain name should reflect your business.
  • If you sell products only in Italy, then consider registering a website extension ending in .it.
  • If you sell products internationally, then you should consider buying .com.
  • Users are typically attracted to the .com extension.
Most people avoid visiting sites other than .com as they think there can be a scam.

Well, you followed all the rules and tips described …and now?

I believe that now you have a few domain names in mind for your new website.

If the name you decided is not available, then you can do a few things:
  • Add the location.
  • Add the location of the target market.
  • Create acronyms.


So these are the few tips that will help you find the Best Domain Names for Your Website.

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