November 29, 2014

Simple Flat UI Email Subscription Box For Blogger

If you are a professional blogger than you already know the importance of email subscription box. It is important to build email list. We have already shared a list of Email Subscription Box. Email list also help you to make money with email. You can easily increase number of email subscribers by adding attractive subscription box and get more email subscribers. I believe that all bloggers are using sidebar subscribe box. Today we will talk about a simple Flat UI email subscription box for blogger. So let`s see features of Flat UI email subscription box.

 Simple Flat UI Email Subscription Box For Blogger : eAskme
 Simple Flat UI Email Subscription Box For Blogger : eAskme
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Simple Flat UI Email Subscribe Box

This is just simple  and clean Flat UI email subscription widget which will help you to gain more subscribers. It has simple Flat UI style design which attracts more people to be subscribers. It show a unique message.It also contains two input fields for name and email.When you enter name and email, it shows a beautiful shadow effect on subscriber name and email. It has a big sign up button with Flat effect. The best thing is that it is written in CSS3 and thats why it do not affect your blog speed.

How To Add This in Your Blog?

  •     Go To Blogger 
  •     Go To Layout 
  •     Click on  "Add a Gadget".
  •     Choose "HTML/JavaScript"
  •     Copy Code from HERE and Paste "HTML/Javascript" box.
  •     Replace eAskme with your feedburner feed name.
  •     Click on "Save"
  •     Click on "Save Arrangements".

So try this and do share if you like Flat UI email subscription box. Share this widget with your friends on twitter, Google plus and other social networks. If you do have any question, feel free to ask me in comments.