November 26, 2014

How to Install Disqus Comment System Manually on Blogger

Disqus comment system is one of the most popular system of commenting in blogs. It is very easy to install Disqus comment system in your blog. It add many features to commenting system of your blog. Before we talk about how to add Disqus comment system, let`s first look for features of Disqus Comment system.

How to Install Disqus comment System Manually on Blogger  : eAskme
How to Install Disqus comment System Manually on Blogger  : eAskme
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Features of Disqus Comment System and Why We Use It?

Realtime comments

Disqus make comments like live discussions with realtime commenting and updating. If you want a faster way for commenting then Disqus is a good choice.

Reply and Notification System

The notification system of Disqus help people to know when they receiv a response on their comments or posts. Also they can continue conversation even from their emails.

Inline media embedding

Disqus is fully integrated with media services like Flickr, Youtube and more.

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Mobile commenting

Disqus comment system if fully compatible with mobile websites.

Social integration

Disqus is fully integrated with popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more.

The Community Box

You can also participate in community and grow your audience.

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Liking and sharing

Disqus allow users to rate and share on social networks.

Moderation tools

Disqus provide you a moderation panel to handle your comments


Disqus anti-spam technology keeps spam away from your site.

Mobile apps

Disqus also provide apps that are available for the iPhone, Android, and webOS phones.

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Blacklists and whitelists

You can also make comments blacklist and whitelist to set the priority and spam.

Import and export

Disqus also allow you to import and export comments to your existing comment system.

International languages

Disqus comment system supports dozens of languages.

SEO-friendly and local sync

Disqus also offerr plugins and integration methods.

Theme customization

Disqus theme editor allow you to craft your own custom theme.

Tweets and reactions

Disqus also bring conversation back to site by collecting Tweets.

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Profile management

Disqus makes it easy to track and keep conversations together.

Activity streams

Integrated activity streams allow people see where else the smart people are talking.

Connected communities

Disqus reaches 200 million people every month across half a million websites and communities on the web.

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How To Install Disqus Comment System In Blogger?

Now Follow the steps given below. You can add Disqus comment system to your blog easily.

  •     Go to 
  •     Click on signup.
  •     Login.
  •     Click on "Setting".
  •     Click on "Install".
  •     Select blogging platform.
  •     Installing disqus comment 
  •     Select blogger as my platform.
  •     Select your blog.
  •     Click on Add Widget.
  •     Save blog setting. 
  •     Now you will see Disqus comment box.

How to Import Old Comments Of Blogger?

  • Sign in To
  • Click on Dashboard.
  • Click on "Your Sites", select name of your blog.
  • Click on Tools.
  • Click on "Blogger".
  • Click on "Import comments from Blogger."
  • Grant Access.
  • Select your blog.
  • Click on Import.
Now you have successfully imported old comments on Disqus. If you have any issue to install Disqus comment system on Blogger, then feel free to ask me in comments. If you like this article, do share it on Twiter and Google Plus.