November 23, 2014

How to Make Your Website a Brand

Today`s world is the world of Brand and advertisement. Branding means making a product or website that much popular, that everyone knows or heard about it. Branding include many things. To make a brand take lots of efforts, expenses and dedication. Quality service or product quality also add value to make your product or website a brand.

Today we will discuss about how to make your own brand, that it get so popular so people can go directly to your site rather than searching for the information or product anywhere else. We all know that website gives the first impression of any product of service. So website branding is very important to make your product or service go popular. You site shows who your are, what you offer, what are your goal and what is the basic approach. people usually ask me how to make yourself a brand, my answer is make your blog or website a brand and it will make you a brand.

How to Make your Website a Brand : eAskme
How to Make your Website a Brand : eAskme

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How to Make your Website a Brand

Analyze :

This is the first and most important step to make your website a brand. Analyze your target audience, industry, competitors and even yourself. When you analyze your target audience check few factors like, who are they, what are their needs, what they want from your site and what type of appeal is best for your site. Also analyze your competitors and find out what they do and what make them good and where they lack. Also check the niche of your site, make sure that niche you choose is profitable. Now analyze yourself and ask yourself a question why you want to do this. Are you really interested in making a site and branding or you are pushing yourself.


After analyzing all these things, you will have a good idea about what you need to do. So now you need to narrow your focus to your own niche. Like if you want to write about science, rather than writing everything you choose a specific niche.


When we talk about making a website, we always need a good strategy. First we need to focus on Niche and content. Then we also need to make site navigation user friendly and also its appearance will be good looking that don`t hurt eyes.


As you start a website or blog the next important thing is to optimize your site and its content. Your content should be of high quality and unique. Use eye catching title, images and put valuable and compelling information that make visitors to stick to your site. Do on Page and Off-Page optimization so it can show in search results. Use proper keywords and check keyword density. Work on SEO and optimize your site in good way.


We recognize popular brands like, Pepe, BMW, Reebok, etc with their logo. Logo is the face of your site. It represent your brand. Your logo should be strong as it is very important part of branding a website. After making logo post it on prominent position in your site and also use it as favicon.

Fonts, Colors and images:

Make sure that the font, colors and images you choose will not hurt eyes as they represent your brand as they pay important role in making a website a brand. They should be work as complement to your website brand. Use images that are related to the content and niche of your site and blog.

Widgets and Apps:

There and endless widgets, plugins and apps available online that will improve your site or blog in terms of quality, optimization and looks. Choose only those plugins for your site that add value to make your site a brand. You can find apps online, or install plugins on your site.

These are few of the best and basic techniques to make your website a brand. Branding is necessary to make your site grow. It will lead you to enormous traffic to your site which in turns unlimited earning from your website or blog.

If you have any question or suggestion regarding branding of a website or blog, feel free to ask me in comments. If you like this article do share it on Twitter and Google Plus.

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