November 26, 2014

How To Make Money With Your Email Subscribers List

"Your Email List is Your Money" - This is a famous quote which is said by marketers entrepreneurs and bloggers. You can easily make money if you have a good number of subscribers on email subscription list. Today we will discuss some easy and awesome ways to make money with email subscription list.

We all know that emails are quite popular and everyone have an email account on Internet on different email service providers. It is a most common thing today. You also may have seen that webmasters and bloggers have subscription form on their blogs or sites, which allow people to subscribe the site by email and receive hot updates in the inbox. If you have a blog or website, I highly recommend you to have an email subscription box for your visitors to help them to subscribe your blog. Now if you have subscription form and subscribers, then you should also know that you can make a lot of money through email list. More subscriber bring you more money. But it take time building email list, especially when your site is new.  So let`s talk about the benefits of email subscriber list and how email subscribers help you make money.

How To Make Money With Your Email Subscribers List : eAskme
How To Make Money With Your Email Subscribers List : eAskme
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How To Make Money With Your Email Subscribers List? 

Develop and Sell Products

If you are expert in developing themes, Apps or ebooks then this section can be helpful for you. Develop anything like ebook, app or theme and allow your subscribers to buy it. Send email regarding to new product. Customize your email and make it fancy. Write and explain features of the product. Write what you believe your readers like. To sell product to email subscribers you need a large number of subscribers on your email list.

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Recommend Products That You're Using

Are you using any paid or free products that can should be awesome with great features and also can help your subscribers then recommend them those products which you're using. Once again, you need to create the attractive email which should be lovely in look and attract the subscribers mind to buy the product. Here you can send them the affiliate link of that product as a download or buy link and it must important that product that you're sharing must have the affiliate system. So, when the recommending product email is ready then send them all but don't forget to insert the affiliate link as buy link or button. Now, if someone purchase that item through your link then you'll get the commission of it from the seller of that product.

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Sell an Ad Space In Newsletter

Customize newsletter email and add some ad space banner. But before that create a page on your blog about the ad space banner in newsletter email. Describe everything in this page like, Number of subscribers, do they get updates, Cost of banner ad, how this can be help the advertiser etc. Now create the ad space in newsletter email and also link it to the page. Within few days you will start getting responses from people who want to buy your ad space.

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Send Paid Emails To Your Subscribers

You can also earn money by sending paid emails to your subscribers. You can announce on your blog that if someone want to send paid emails to your subscribers then they can contact you. Paid email should contain the relevant site, blog or product to your niche. Don't send the irrelevant paid emails. Ask for good and reasonable price. Don`t irritate your subscribers by sending lots of paid emails. Only send one paid email in one week.

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Monetize "Thank You" Redirecting Page

Usually after completing subscription subscribers land to "Thank You" page. Thank you page contain details of what subscribers receive. So now lets see how to monetize thank you page. Very simple way is to show ad on your Thank You page. The other method is that you can write about some affiliate product and make affiliate sales. Write a story on how you used that product and how helpful that product is for you. Put affiliate link in "Buy or Download" button.

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Start Monetizing Your Email List Today!

So fans, visitors and readers, these are awesome ways to "Make Money From Your Email List". I believe a great number of emails list is of one million subscribers. If you do have any question, feel free to ask me in comments. Do share your own methods with us. Don`t forget to Share this post with your friends and Subscribe eAskme. Happy Email List Monetizing!