February 17, 2015

Media.Net Review : Yahoo Bing Ad Network for Bloggers and Publishers

When we talk about making money online from a blog, we see many options available online. Google Adsense is the best contextual ad network. But they have strict rules and many bloggers not able to get their approval, when their account get disabled or not approved.

Today we will talk about Media.net, which is a contextual ad network running by Yahoo and Bing together. It is an invite based ad network and anyone can make a request for an invite. The one great thing about them is, dedicated account manager to help you and always take care of your account. Not let`s see what is Media.net

Media.Net Review : Yahoo Bing Ad Network for Bloggers and Publishers : eAskme
Media.Net Review: Yahoo Bing Ad Network for Bloggers and Publisher : eAskme

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Media.net: Features and All information:

Media.net is a contextual ad network, which means that it show ads according to the content of the page. Contextual ads always perform better than random or direct ads. Media.net is the products of Yahoo and Bing together. Media.net target both small and large publishers. So even if you have a small blog but have quality content you can gets the approval of Media.net.  Noe lets see features of Media.net ad network.

Features of Media.net

Contextual Ads:  Best thing is that it is contextual ad network.
High Revenue: It gives high-quality ads so it is sure that revenue will also be good.
Mobile Ads: They also give mobile ads for smart-phone users. It automatically detects Mobile phone and serves mobile ads on it.
Account Manager: They provide dedicated account manager, who will help you always to manage your account.
Reporting Dashboard: They have a neat and clean dashboard.
One Account for all sites: You can add unlimited ads to one account but you need to get approval for each new site you add.
Multiple Ad Units: You can use Multiple ad unit sizes.

How to Get Started With Media.net ?

Yahoo! Bing contextual ad network, Media.net is an invitation based ad network. Apply for an invite here and enter details. You can apply multiple websites under one same account.

One of their representatives will review your site and once you get approval they will send you login credential for your account. You should also refer to Media.net program policies before applying. Once you get approval then login to Media.net and create ad unit and place code on your site. They support payment via Wire transfer or PayPal and minimum threshold is $100.

I recommend you to use this and sign up for a publisher account on media.net ad network. If you are already an existing media.net publisher, I like to hear your opinion, feedback and suggestions about them. If you like this article then don't forget to share on Google Plus and twitter.

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