February 18, 2015

What is Content Marketing?

I have already shared about how to Prepare Your Web Content to Succeed. Content Marketing is known as a marketing technique that not only distributes but also creates relevant and useful information to target audience.

It`s objective is to drive profitable customer action.

You can present content in various formats, such as audio formats, articles, images, videos, interactive surveys etc.
What is Content Marketing : eAskme
What is Content Marketing : eAskme

If we talk about purpose of content marketing is to attract customer and maintain them by providing valuable and relevant content to them with the intention of enhancing or altering consumer behavior.

Content marketing is better than advertisement as it is engaging with customers.

When customers feel information helpful they will definitely reward you with brand loyalty and also with their business.

This is an ongoing process of business marketing plan. It is very effective. Now a days many tools are available online to help you but still this is not a new concept.

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Content marketing started with the success story of John Deere, who had started The Furrow, a newsletter to help farmers.

Since that day content marketing is part of every strong business and brand.

Microsoft, Nike and Cisco have launched interactive campaigns which have fully embraced customer engagement principles. they make these strategies so effective and powerful and taking content marketing to a new level.

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Is Content Marketing New?

Content marketing, is a relatively “new” advertising strategy, but it is not a new strategy. Content marketing includes traditional and modern strategies to build customer relationships and deliver best results.

I can say that content marketing help businesses to streamline their marketing efforts and also help them to create a unified user experience.

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I believe now you completely understand what is Content marketing. If you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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