January 25, 2015

What is Backlink and How to Start Getting Free Backinks for Your Blog

If you have been reading SEO category of eAskme, then you must have seen this word backlinks many times. If your are a newbie then may be it is a new word for you. When I started blogging I was also not aware of what are backlinks and what is their importance. Today we will discuss the basic ideas about Backlinks and backlink building.We have talked about how to check your backlinks,But still many people are unaware of backlinks and importance of backlink for blogs.

What is Backlink and How to Get Free Backink for Blog : eAskme

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What is Backlink in SEO?

According to Wikipedia Article : Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage or website. In SEO World, number of backlinks indicated the popularity of the website or blog. Outside of SEO, the backlinks indicates who is paying attention to that site or webpage.

In Simple words :

Backlink is number of inbound links to your blog from other websites or blogs. The more backlinks you have the more good ranking you can achieve. It will increase your blog authority and you blog will get good rank. Backinks also make your blog posts get publish faster.Which means that your site is gaining authority and Google is giving importance to your site.

If you get quality backlinks from same niche sites then you will get Google Pagerank faster.

Anchor text is related to Backlink as they play major role together. If your site get proper backlinks from optimized anchor tags than your blog will rank in just no-time.

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How to start getting backlinks?

So I believe now you understand what is a Backlink in SEO. Now let`s move to next step to learn how to generate quality backlinks for your blog. You should always remember one thing that in Backlinks quality matter not the numbers. Never use any paid service to get backlinks.
So it`s the time to see how to get backlink for your blog?

Write Killer articles

The simplest and best way to get quality backlinks is writing killer articles on your blog. Top ten lists and tutorial are the best example to get faster backlinks from other blogs and websites for reference. Those articles are based on research and examples.


The easiest way to get backlink is commenting. Start commenting on dofollow blogs, dofollow forum. Commenting is the best way to get quality backlinks and good traffic plus search engine visibility.

Submit to Web directories

Submitting your blog to Web Directories is also the best way to increase backlinks. But it is not popular as it is hard to find a legal web directory. Avoid those directories who ask you to put a link on your blog. Never use automatic directory submitter.

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Final Words:

I believe this article made you understand the basics of backlinks in SEO. Now you also know why you should start working to get backlink for your blog. Do let us know is you work on getting backlink for your blog or not.  If not then start working from now on. If you do have any question, fee free to ask me. If you like this article don`t Forget to share on Twitter and Google Plus. Subscribe eAskme to get updates. Happy Blogging!