Google defends policy that leaves most Android devices unpatched

I have already told few days back that Google leaves most Android users exposed to hackers. Anroid users were expecting some good new from Google, but Google on Friday again defended its decision to not fixing the issue
WebView of Android browser included with Jelly Bean. Google replaced the browser with Chrome in KitKat. But still WebView threat is there.

Google defends policy that leaves most Android devices unpatched : eAskme
Google defends policy that leaves most Android devices unpatched : eAskme
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Beardsley said that WebView is the attack vector for Android. It is affecting 60% of all Android devices.

It is confirmed by Google that they will not update WebView on Android smartphones or tablets.

There are many versions of jellybean out in the market and even older versions of Google are effecting by this threat. Right now around 36% of android devices are on Jelly bean. It is said that users should use different browser, but still i do not solve the issue.

It is well known that we can`t replace our phone for every single Android update and that is the reason 60% of users are still on old versions of Android.

Bearsley made it clear that Google is not going to fix this security threat to android phones.

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I know this news can be heart breaking of android users. But right now Google has made it clear that they are not going to fix it.

So the only solution is either to buy a new android phone, which is actually a costly solution. The other solution which is said by authority is not using default browser, but it`s sure that it do not solve security issue.

What you think about Google`s android policy? Are you going to change your android phone or will change browser?

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