December 26, 2014

5 Smart and Quick Ways to Promote Old Posts from Your Blog

We always keep busy writing new posts as we know that both readers and Google love new content , But in this process many bloggers forget their old posts and with time old posts hardly get any traffic. If you make your old posts search engine friendly, then there is no chance that you won`t get traffic for those posts.

Today we will discuss about you you can bring your old posts to life and drive traffic to old post.

How to Promote Your old blog posts : eAskme
How to Promote Your old blog posts : eAskme
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The tips we discuss here today, never overdo them and use them only on those posts that still have importance. Target search engine in your blog posts to get organic traffic which is best for old blog posts.

There are two types of post one is time sensitive who are relevant for only short period of time, other is evergreen post that are always relevant. When you selecting an old post to promote then always choose evergreen post.

How to promote old blog posts for more traffic:


With time your Twitter followers grows and they started following you because you Tweet interesting post from your blog and from other blogs as well, but they must have missed posts which you wrote and tweeted earlier, before they started following you. You should create a twitter system using this, you can tweet your old posts too.

This is one effective trick to drive traffic to your old post. I usually schedule my old post on Twitter and specially those post which are already tweeted 100 of times, with time such post get more tweets and you keep getting traffic and comments on such posts. You can use WordPress plugin like Tweet old post.


By sharing your old post with audience is the best way to drive traffic to your old post. This strategy is an evergreen strategy which works always. Share old and new both posts on facebook page. Choose an optimum post frequency.


Internal linking is one of the best ways to optimize your old post, where you link old post with new post using anchor text which is also good for search engines. relevant interlinking help you get more traffic, reduce bounce rate and increse average time on site. Do internal linking in all of your posts.

It`s like making a chain of all links of your site. In Owrdpress you can use SEO smart link for auto linking.

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Roundup actually help you get more traffic for your old posts. You can do roundup of your posts weekly or monthly. Roundup of posts helps old posts in search engine because of internal linking.


When using this strategy then you need to keep your eyes open. You just need to change the date of the post to show your old post on top of first page of your site. But if you are using date as permalink then you should not use this feature. Also never do this again and again for same post.

Final Words:

These are the few tips which surely work to get traffic for your old posts. In blogging you should try to get maximum out of your articles. Write Timeless articles. Do let us know what do you do to drive traffic to your old blog posts?. If you like this article do share this on twitter and Google plus.