December 25, 2014

12+ Best Sites to Find free images online

By Sonia
Every webmaster, internet marketer, and blogger knows the importance of images. But mostly, people pick random images available on the Internet.

Today we will discuss the relevant resources to find Images Online for free. These sites will help you to get desired photos for your site.

It is ok to find images online and use them on your posts until you are not using images that have copyright issues.

You can`t borrow the image from other sites.

Always find copyright information about the images you use on your site or blog. Don`t use any image without any source.

12+ Best Sites to Find free images online: eAskme
12+ Best Sites to Find free images online: eAskme

Websites to find Images online for Free:

Today we will discuss the websites to get free images and some paid image sites.

Google Images:

Google images are one of the best resources to grab valuable images for your site. But it`s hard to find license information.

Here is the how you can choose while searching for ideas in google search.

Google Advanced Image Search
  • Click here to go to the Advanced Image Search page. 
  • Enter a search query, 
  • Under the Usage Rights section, Labeled for commercial reuse with modification or select either Labeled for commercial reuse.
  • Click on Google Search. 
  • Click on the image to open.

Wikimedia Commons:

Wikimedia Commons is also a excellent repository of free images and other files.

It is a good source for images to start. All content for this site is under free licenses.


Flickr is also a popular photo management website. It allows you to share personal photographs.

Follow these steps to find images with Creative Commons licenses:

  • Go to Advanced Search page.
  • Enter search query 
  • Click on Find content to use commercially and also on Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content.
  • Click Search. 
  • Select image and find Additional Information to verify that the image is licensed appropriately.


Bigfoto is full of pictures taken by amateur photographers.

You need to include a link to the bigfoto website to use these images.


Everystockphoto is a search engine with license-specific photos. It shows the license below pics.

FreeDigitalPhotos photos allow you to use images for commercial, personal, educational, and commercial use.


FreePhotosBank allows you to download and use images just by giving them credit.


Freepixels images also can be used for commercial and personal and commercial purposes.

Freerange Stock:

Freerange Stock has a good stock of images. It provides images for personal and commercial use. You need to credit the name of the photographer.


Image*After has a huge collection of free photos. You can download and edit them and mention them in credit.


MorgueFile is a good repository of photos. You can use them for both personal and commercial purposes.

PD Photo org:

PDPhoto is also a good repository of images which are in public domain. You are free to use the images which are not marked copyrighted.

Stock xchng:

Stock XCHNG has a huge collection of images. It has more than 350,000 quality stock photos.

Each photo has its terms and conditions. Read them before using them.

So this is the list of resources to find free images online.

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