December 05, 2014

Million Dollar Question

When we open our eyes in this world, we start facing lots of question and questions. Many of them are useless and some of them are that great that they can change your life forever for good. Such questions or question which change your life for good, and make you get everything that you ever dreamed about, we call Million Dollar Question.

Many people have already asked me that their million dollar question is to win a lottery,  to be billionaire, to get love of their life, to get a car, to have foreign trip etc etc. People usually misunderstood their wish to be their million dollar question, because wish is what you want to do, that can be every single thing that you do everyday. But when we talk about million dollar question, it is what change the source and destination of your life.

Million Dollar Question : eAskme
Million Dollar Question : eAskme

Million Dollar Question of my life is Blogging, I believe that I need not to mention that it includes all parts like making money, being brand, writing, editing, sharing, learning, SEO, Guest posting, affiliate marketing and much more.

Why Blogging is my Million Dollar Question?

I can answer it in simple way, because it has changed my life since I have started blogging. Before starting blogging, I was worrying about my future. I had no future plan other than working 9 hours daily shifts in MNC. Every penny that I earned get lost till the end of month.

How I have Found My Million Dollar Question?

It was just a usual day, When I was at a game store with my friend, we were talking about work and stress. The same time a college student, who is the friend of my friend, came to me and asked, Sir do you know about What is Blogging?

He told me very basic about what is blogging. Now my job was to research and learn. I ahavespend almost a year learning and gaining knowledge about Blogging. I have found that Blogging is the Million Dollar question for my life, which was going to change my life forever.

Started working on answer of my Million Dollar Question?

I started working on blogs. Writing content for my readers. I myself focus to answer all the question of my readers in best possible way with best and tested information. Also I started growing my blogging community and followers.

Today I am a full time blogger now, earning money and followers together. I am thankful for that student who asked me this Million Dollar question.  Should I ask you the same. Do share your million dollar question or the question which has changed your life. I am here because I worked on my question.

If you have any question or any suggestion do share with us in comments. If you like this article, do share with your friends and family. Happy Blogging!