December 06, 2014

How to Create WordPress Blog on BlueHost in just 5 Minutes

You want to create a blog on WordPress. There are lots of reliable and cheap Hostings available online for WordPress. BlueHost is one of the highly recommended hosting service provider of WordPress blogs.

I used BlueHost for my clients. BlueHost offer different type of hosting such as;
  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting, etc.
If you want to start a WordPress blog then BlusHost is the best choice for you.

Why I say this.

Because, WordPress itself has recommended Bluehost to host sites.

Today, I am writing this post for those who want to learn how to install WordPress on BlueHost or how to start a blog on BlueHost in just 5 minutes.

How to Install WordPress on BlueHost : eAskme
How to Install WordPress on BlueHost : eAskme
Best thing about BlueHost is optimum performance of their server.

You should know that BlueHost is one of the top recommended hosts by WordPress.

They offer unlimited bandwidth premium support, storage and everything that you need to run a WordPress blog.

Below is the Sign up link, that will grab you discount on BlueHost.
  • Sign up for BlueHost 

Guide to Install WordPress Blog on BlueHost :

WordPress is a self hosted platform to start blogging and make money online.

BlueHost`s cPanel hosting comes with Fantastico. Fantasticao  is one of the few easy ways to install WordPress or you can do use Manual WordPress Installation. My suggestion that you use Fantastico.

To Install WordPress there are some technical requirements and BlueHost are perfect for WordPress hosting.

It can handle any site easily. Also use WordPress cache plugin when you use shared and VPS hosting.
So lets start now.
  • Login to BlusHost account and click on "Hosting".
  • cPanel will open.
  • Go to Website Builders and select WordPress from the list.
  • Next page will open.

On next screen click on "Start" this will open new page to make changes.

There are 3 options, examine these options. The main is option 1 and option 2.

Option 1 :

This step allow you to make changes to the look of your blog. You can make it look like or

I recommend that you use it without www to keep it short.

Option 2 :

Now your can select your WordPress username and password. Never select admin as username. Use complex username and password. Click on check-box to Automatic create a database.

Now it start installation of WordPress.

Don`t close the page until process complete.
  • Select check-box to overwrite the directory.
  • Deselect everything in option 3 and click on complete.
  • Within a minutes Bluehost WordPress script install WordPress on newly bought server.
You will receive an email on your email address with your login details. Now its done and you can move ahead with other set up.

Things to Do After Installation of WordPress on Bluehost :

No matter which webhost you have , after installation of WordPress you should do few things that are necessary.

Things to do After Installing WordPress for First Time :

Final Words:

So you see now how easy it is to Create a WordPress blog on Bluehost. If you do have any question, feel free to ask me.

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