December 04, 2014

How to Optimize Post title For Search Engines and for Readers and Search Engines

Blogger always want to write catchy and attractive post titles to increase CTR and readers always love to read posts with kickass titles. But one drawback of this practice this that you mostly optimize your post titles for readers but you forget to optimize post titles for search engines. We have already discussed about Importance of Keyword research  and how to perform Keyword research.  When you have a list of keywords in hand then next job is to write an article which is optimized for both search engines and readers.
How to optimize post title for readers and search engine : eAskme
How to optimize post title for readers and search engine : eAskme
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In this article our target is to write readers friendly and search engine friendly content. You just need to focus on basic On Page optimization or You can use plugins like SEOpressor.


If you write a post title like Make money with infolinks then you will find out that competition is very high for this keyword. So you like to keep it like Infolinks review: intext advertisement program review.

See these two scenarios :

    User friendly title : Make money online with infolinks 
    Search engine friendly title : Infolinks intext advertisement program review. 

Now the question is how to write post title which is friendly for readers and search engine also.

How to Optimize Post title for Readers and SEO in WordPress:

To make process easy in WordPress you can use SEO plugins like  Platinum SEO, All in one SEO, Platinum SEO, WordPress SEO by yoast and Thesis theme which have inbuilt SEO features like title for search engine, such as Meta title tag. See below image to know the difference between Meta Title and Post title.

f you are using SEO By yoast plugin on wordpress then go to the end of the post where t show SEO by yoast section and add Search engine friendly title whicch will display in search result. Also add meta description to maximum of 158 characters which will maek your post more search engine friendly.

Professional bloggers have habit of optimizing post titles for both search engine and readers. This will help your post rank easily in search engines. Focus on CTR when you write title. Attractive post title usually increase CTR and search engine judge quality of page by click pattern.

For more important tips, see following :

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