November 30, 2014

Which is The best WordPress Permalink Structure for SEO

I believe you already know the difference between and Now let`s focus on Permalink, which plays major role in overall SEO optimization of a site or blog.  A permalink is Permanent link of site and posts that never change. See example of default permalink of WordPress:

This type of permalink is not search engine friendly. Usually newbie bloggers miss out optimization of WordPress permalink. Today we will discuss about which permalink structure is the best.  Also we will discuss about Wordpress permalink structure and why you should avoid them.

Best Wordpress permalink SEO : eAskme
Best Wordpress permalink SEO : eAskme
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Which Permalink Structure is Best for SEO?

The best On page SEO optimization is to use your Keyword in post URL, that we call permalink. Default WordPress permalink format is not good for SEO. If you do not change Wordpress permalink structure then it keep following that default permalink structure which is not good. We already know that permalink is the first thing that you need to work on while doing on Page SEO.

WordPress Permalink SEO

WordPress dashboard There are some permalink Settings

  • Go to Dashboard
  • Go to Settings 
  • Click on Permalink and And you will see following structure: (/%postname%/)

The best permalink structure for WordPress is Post Name.  Post name permalink is short and SEO friendly. You can also use categories only if you not using
Multiple categorizes on posts. But I prefer post name Permalink structure.

Never ever use dates in your Permalink. As Permalink always remains the same, if you republish your same post again then it will look bad as it show old date still in permalink.

WordPress Permalink for Google News:

To submit your new based site you need to have 3 digit ID in your permalink as it is mentioned in Google news submission requirements.


Few Permalink SEO Tips:

  •     Use Simple permalink
  •     Prefer dashes
  •     remove words like is, are.
  •     Never change Permalink after publishing 
  •     Use Keyword

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From now whenever you set permalink of your post make it simple. If you do face some issue, feel free to ask me in comments. If you enjoyed reading this article, Don`t forget to share it on Twitter and Google plus.