December 02, 2014

WordPress SEO : How to Use Post Permalink and Post Title Combination?

Have you ever looked back to the permalink of your post?
I believe no one or most of the people do not care about looking at the permalink.
We make ourselves so busy searching for Keywords, setting keyword density, making word count and selecting the title of the article that we forget that permalinks are one of the most important factors for search engine ranking.

WordPress SEO: How to Use Post Permalink and Post Title Combination?: eAskme
WordPress SEO: How to Use Post Permalink and Post Title Combination?: eAskme

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Every possible search engine always creates a cache of every single page that you post on your blog. No matter what type of algorithm they use to find keywords related to keywords.
But if you notice, all search engine websites highlight the keywords one searches in the search results, which means that search engines more attention to the post with keywords in URL, page title, and description.

The search engine shows the result of any keyword according to these 3 factors.

  • Title – Title shows the topic of your post.
  • Description – If you don`t use any plugin to describe descriptions, search engines pick descriptions from your posts. You should not add the same keyword again and again in the description.
  • URL (permalink) – URL is always unique to each post, and it is an important factor for search engine algorithm.
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Titles are important as they attract visitors to visit posts.
When you write a post-it is always recommended Blog post title to you as Permalink.
If you add something that is not good in search engines, you can lose the opportunity to attract visitors as it will also impact your Permalink.

The best way to rank in a search engine is to use the best keywords and use different but related keywords in the post title and Permalink.

3 Important Things You Should Check Before Hitting the "Publish" button.

    1. The title of the post should be simple and short. The more good title you can write, the more visitors you can attract.
    2. The description is the most important for the article to show in search results. Make description informational and unique.
    3. Don`t use the same title and permalink for more than one post.
    In the beginning, when I didn`t know about the importance of permalinks, then I ignored this awesome feature.
    But now this trick hep me to keep titles short long permalink.

    I believe these tips will help your posts to rank well in search engines. If you do have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments.
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