September 05, 2014

Importance of Keywords for Search Engine Optimization SEO

By Sonia
Importance of Keyword in SEO : Beginners Guide

One of the most important and common factor of blogging is to keep focus on keywords. Many are still nto aware of importance of keywords targeting. You should know how a simple keyword research will help you.

Quality posts help you drive traffic but still sometimes you find your blog not ranking well in google for keywords. Actually Google is a machine which uses an algorithm to rank any blog and website for keywords. You can also use back-linking to increase rank and get more traffic.

What is The Importance of Keyword from SEO POV ?

Google already said that they do not consider meta keywords anymore. Because many of bloggers stuff their blog posts with keywords and spamming keywords. For example for this post anyone can use meta Keywords like "Keywords research, keywords, SEO". But I do not want to raise my bounce rate by stuffing keywords in meta tags.

I prefer to target my blog post to a perticular keyword "Importance of Keyword" and it will be easier to rank. There are many other factors that also matter with keywords.

First I have made search for this keyword and found that it is an easily target-able keyword.

How to Search Keywords using Instant Search :

According to my permalink and my analysis I like to use Google Keyword search tool to find searches and competition. I will explain it in other post. Now lets see how to find target keyword .

Importance of Keyword in SEO : Beginners Guide : eAskme
Importance of Keyword in SEO : Beginners Guide : eAskme
There can be two types of keywords 
Short Tail : Keyword Density checker websites
Long Tail : Keyword Density checker websites

When you decide on low competition keyword then your task is to write an optimized SEO article for target keyword. Now see how you an do this.

Keyword density and Keyword Placement

There is no idle keyword density. This wiki article will give you idea about keyword density calculator. depending upon your targeted keyword you maintain percentage of keyword density. When search engine bots crawl blog page, it check density of keywords and determines that this blog page is useful for users.

Remember keyword targeting is important but avoid keyboard stuffing. But each SEO master has his own point of views. But in any case keywords should not increase more than 3% of your article. You can take help of Online Keyword density checker websites.

What will happen if We do Keyword Stuffing ?

Stuffing article with keywords is bad practice. Google penalize such posts as spider will think that you are trying to trick it by stuffing keywords. After Google Panda update, I recommend to stop doing such things.

Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords:

Try using keywords as title of the post. Try not to use numbers in permalink.

Add relevant meta description and use keywords in meta title, meta description and Meta keyword with H1 tag. Also use H1, H2 and H3 tags. But do not overdo heading tags.

What next:

So i believe now you know the importance of keywords as it play important role and task is 5-6 profitable keyword in next post. You can use Google Keyword Planner or any other tool. Always keep track of your keyword position. Now work on link building to improve ranking.

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