December 13, 2014

PayPerPost review : Make Money Writing Articles

Do you want to make money writing articles? Do you write quality posts? if Yes, then PayPerPost is the best choice to monetize your writing skills.

PayPerPost allow bloggers to select advertisers to work with them. All you need to do is Sign Up to PayParPost, select advertiser and start negotiating. They have so many advertisers in various fields. You can easily get paid to blog about any subject.

PayPerPost for Advertisers and for Bloggers : eAskme
PayPerPost for Advertisers and for Bloggers : eAskme
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Make Money Blogging with PayPerPost:

PayPerPost is one of the popular online marketplace where bloggers connect with advertisers, who pay bloggers to write articles about websites, services and products on their own blogs. Blogger receive offer as "opportunities" from Advertisers and then they have the option to Accept, Decline ot negotiate. It works like ebay of sponsored blog posts.

Why PayPerPost?


PayPerPost launched in 2006. It is the original blog marketing network with the large number of Bloggers and advertisers.


PayPerPost give full control to Bloggers over which advertisers they want to work with. Their framework provide bloggers maximum flexibility through friendly user interface.


They always ready to help. PayPerPost is owned and operated by IZEA.
  • Sign Up for PayPerPost


1. Register Your Blog
You need to provide the URL for blog and complete claim blog process.

2. Evaluate and Respond to Leads
Tell advertisers that you are interested by responding to Leads.

3. Write Posts and Get Paid
When you get Opportunity, write blog post and submit to the Advertiser. You can withdraw payment when it reach $50.

Final Words:

PayPerPost is good for both advertisers and bloggers. It help advertisers to advertise their products through bloggers, as bloggers already have a good audience to their blogs. Bloggers can make good money by writing articles. 

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