How to Use Custom Permalink for Blogspot Blogs

Bogspot team has made blogspot SEO friendy now. Blogspot permalink options also available now. Before we move ahead and learn how to use it for better SEO, lets learn about Permalink:

What are Custom Permalink

By default blogspot permalink remove some of the stop words. When you use long title, it also removes the extending words from permalink.

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Here is an example of normal Permalink vs Custom permalink:

Now lets focus on Keyword BlogSpot Custom permalink.

Earlier, There was no option to configure or change Blogger permalink but now, BlogSpot has made configuring permalink available in BlogSpot blog. But we can only change permalink on single post level. Also this control is limited as you can`t remove month and year from the permalink. Blogspot team has made this change for better SEO.

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How to use BlogSpot Permalink for Better SEO?

Custom Permalink Blogspot Advanced SEO : eAskme
Custom Permalink Blogspot Advanced SEO : eAskme
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When we talk about Permalink configuration on single post level, the actual idea is to use keywords and remove all stop words in permalink. You can use long tail keyword or short tail keyword depending on which keyword you are targeting. If Keyword search is new for you the you should refer my Beginner guide to Keyword research.
  • When you create a new post in BlogSpot blog:
  • Go to Permalink option
  • Click on it
  • Select custom URL 
  • Add permalink there. 
If these word seems difficult to you the et me explain in simple words.

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When you write a new blog post and enter your title like:

Why Keywords Matter for SEO

Rather than using long Permalink, simply add

Keywords-Matter-SEO or KeyWords-SEO in custom URL.

You can refer to guide on On page SEO to help you to understand how you can target Keywords.

Characters that you can use in custom URL field are (A-Z), (a-z),(0-1), dash, underscore and period. Never use underscore in permalink, Also see  video by Matt Cutts:

I personally believe that blogspot team should also work on stripping month and year but still their effort deserve a Welcome from BlogSpot bloggers.

I always say that never change permalink after publishing a post, unless you can set a 301 redirection.

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So this is how you can use custom permalink in blogspot. If you like this article feel free to share on twitter and Google Plus. Don`t forget to subscribe eAskme feed. Happy Blogging!

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