January 10, 2015

Google Adwords Editor Version 11 : Best New Features

Google Adwords Editor was first launched in 2006. Google has launched the biggest update Google Adwords Editor 11. This new update has added some changes which can make you miss important features of Adwords if you don't know how to use it.

Google Adwords Editor Version 11
Google Adwords Editor Version 11 : eAskme
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Here we will talk about the best features of Google Adwords Editor Version 11.

Multiple Account Windows Side By Side

If you are a power user and running multiple AdWords campaigns across more than one account then this feature is for you. AdWords Editor 11 allow you to manage multiple accounts side by side. You just need to drag and drop.

You an also use this feature to open multiple component windows of one account at the same time. You just need to select ad groups or campaigns, accounts and click on pop-out icon.

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Advanced Search Features

New Advanced Search Features allow you to perform complex searches with AdWords. You can easily combine multiple criteria. First search one term to use the Search Builder and then add additional criteria.

You can apply filter feature of advance search. This feature allow you to show only edited items, limit search results to new items,  show only items with errors etc.

It also has ‘Save current search as’ option to save your search, that you can perform in future again.

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Multiple Selections and Bulk Changes

AdWords Editor 11 allow you to make Multiple Selections and Bulk Changes. This new tool help you to view and paste items into multiple ad-groups. Make Multiple Changes tool easily organizes text into columns and rows. You can easily edit, add and remove items.

These are the new features of Adwords Editor Version 11.

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