Google leaves most Android users exposed to hackers

Google executive has no plans to fix a security hole in browser of older versions of Android, which is the issue with more than 60% android users.

There are around 60% android phones are running on older versions have to live with a security flaw as Google has decided not to fix it.

Google leaves most Android users exposed to hackers : eAskme
Google leaves most Android users exposed to hackers : eAskme
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Well, this decision not welcomed by security experts. As they worry hackers can easily target millions of android phones and tablets that are running on older versions of Android. Although it is said that this hole is shrinking everyday but experts say it is not shrinking as it is needed to be.

39.1 percent of Google smartphones and tablets running of safe version of Android: 4.4 KitKat. Less than 1% smartphones are on the newest version which is Android 5.0 Lollipop, which means 60 percent of Android devices are still running on older versions of the OS. Because so many people are running on different versions of Android, which make it more complicated to protect them. People can`t update to new Android phone everytime.

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Google recommend people using Android 4.3 or older version to use a different Web browser. He also suggests Google Chrome or Mozilla firefox to use on android devices. But still changing browser not going to help on everytime.

Google said there is difficulty to update and fix older code. So we can only hope that company should think about this decision as it is affecting millions of people on online.

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