Google Officially Stops Sales Of Google Glass

In current report it is declared that Google Glass current version will not be on sale from now.

However, the future versions of Google Glass product may be developed by some other division. Google is still committed to getting a good model of smart glasses for consumers. But seems they need time to develop it.

Google Officially Stops Sales Of Google Glass : eAskme
Google Officially Stops Sales Of Google Glass : eAskme

So currently their Explorer program and sales of Google Glass are on hold for undefined time.

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Google Glass was launched in 2013. Google tried everything to make Google Glass popular among customers but it never made a good stage. People were not feeling comfortable in terms design and technology.

Google is already sending emails to the current owners of Google Glass thanking them for their patronage. Also ensuring those owners that Google Glass still has a future.

It seems that in future Google Glass will move our from Google X devision and some other entity will work on it. This new team will report to Tony Fadell who is the CEO of Nest. Google has acquired nest last year.

Do share what you think about the future of Google glass and if you already own a Glass what is your reaction on this news.

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