Google Toolbar PageRank Finally & Officially Dead?

Everyone want a good rank. Same with webmasters. Webmaster want their websites to rank higher in search Engines. Mostly bloggers and webmasters trying to focus on getting good rank. there are two types of rank which are well known to represent popularity and usability of a website.
  • Alexa rank
  • Google Pagerank

Google Toolbar PageRank Finally & Officially Dead : eAskme
Google Toolbar PageRank Finally & Officially Dead : eAskme
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Alexa rank is given to every website and blog by Alexa. It rank websites on their usability, bounce rate, page views and many other terms.

Google Pagerank is different than Alexa ranking. Till December 2013 Google was ranking very popular websites on basis of backlinks.

But now Google has made it clear that they probably not going to update Toolbar PageRank in the future.

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In October 2013, Matt Cutts said that there will nto be any Google Toolbar PageRank update but in December 2013, Google has updated Pagerank.  After that day we never seen any googl Pagerank update till now.

Now John Mueller from Google said that in a Google Webmaster Hangout video that google is not going to update Toolbar PageRank ever.

He said "We will probably not going to be updating it going forward, at least in the Toolbar PageRank." Check this video.

Now if you are sad by this news, I must say you need not to worry about rank. All you need to care about is delivering best and quality content and service to your readers.

It is the quality and usability of a website which attract more reader, not a pagerank or alexa rank.

What you think about this news about Google Toolbar pagerank? Do you think rank really matters?

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