How to Submit Content on Reddit

Reddit is one of the most popular social news and social bookmarking website. It displays the most popular content based on user preferences. It is also valuable for blogger as they can submit their article links on Reddit and drive traffic to their sites. All links on Reddit are dofollow which si good for ranking of your site.

When you submits content such as a blog post, news story, picture or video, readers can vote it up, which will give it more visibility. So today we will see how to submit a blog post to reddit.

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How to Submit Content on Reddit : eAskme
How to Submit Content on Reddit : eAskme
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How to Submit Content on Reddit

  • Open your web browser

  • Sign in to Reddit account. If you do not already have reddit account then create one by clicking on Sign Up button and do email confirmation.

  • Click on "submit a link" button.
Submit Content on Reddit : eAskme
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  • Now a new window will open link the image you see below:

Submit Content on Reddit : eAskme
Submit Content on Reddit : eAskme
  • Enter the title of your post in Link box.

  • Enter URL of your article in URL box

  • Choose a Subreddit. Subreddit means category on reddit. Always choose most appropriate category. For example if you are submitting a post related to social media, then choose "socialmedia" as subreddit.

  • At the end you will see "CAPTCHA", enter the words you see.

  • Click on "Submit".
So this is how you can submit your articles on Reddit and drive traffic from reddit to your website or blog.
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