January 15, 2015

Tips to Make Your Lover Be Your Dominant Lover

The type of intimacy change from couple to couple according to their lifestyles. It is said that intimacy and dominant roles in love can increase the passion of love life people fall more for each other. If dominant is the thing that attract you and you want to discuss it with your partner, then you have open this topic with care.

Tips to Make Your Lover Be Your Dominant Lover
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Never feel Guilty:

Don’t feel guilty or ashamed of your desires. There is a long history of submissive and dominant relationships, which means that you are not doing anything unnatural. But may be you feel inconvenient with these feelings in your current relationship. If you accept your intimate and emotional needs then it can be most healthy for your relationship.

Hint your partner:

With a little delicacy tell your partner about your feelings for example you can joke about that you like him to be dominant when intimate. You may wonder that your partner also gonna like those what you actually like.

Talk to your partner

Discuss about it with your partner. When you hint, it help your partner to be more open the outline what type of dominance you like. It will help you to make place for dominant and submissive roles in your current relationship.

Prepare your words:

You should know what you want to say. Decide what more you want in your relationship and plan according to that. You should be assured of your own desires before giving this matter your full attention.

Express your Desires:

Express to your partner. Don`t pressure. may be you get a surprise, so don`t create stress. Don`t create ultimatums.


Give your partner proper time to think and be or make him dominant only, when your partner is comfortable.

Take things slowly:

Don`t just jump into the group. Gradually introduce dominant and submissive roles in your relationship. Keep communicating to avoid any kind of misunderstanding

Final Words:

We have discovered that many people want dominant and submissive behavior in relationship, but they afraid of their feelings. Never fear of your feelings as your own fear will make your relationship sore. Talk, discuss and see the result.

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