Speed Dating Questions for Women

Speed dating is time saving and that`s why everyone like it. You can find potential lover in short time. But to find suitable partner you must know how to represent yourself and what kind of questions you should ask. So let`s see what question women should ask during speed-dating sessions.

Speed Dating Questions for Women
Speed Dating Questions for Women : eAskme

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Closest Female Friend ?

Who is your closest female friend? this can be your first question, to ask a man about his closest friend.It will help you know that what type of women attract him and what he likes in women. You can also ask for any romantic feeling if he had for that woman. But if the woman is mother or sister then you can have some other conclusion like he is family oriented or he is attached to his mother.

Things What You Are Most Proud of in Your Life?

This question reveal what that man considers important in his life. If he talk about his education or athletic achievements then it means that he value his appearance or if he talk about being honest and staying true than can point that he has not set goals for his life. Well no question can give you full details but at-least you can have a slight idea about that man.

Any Extreme Sport You would Like to Try ?

Answer of this question reveals how much a person like to take risk and about his adventurous nature. If he do not like even a single adventurous sport that usually means that he will not act spontaneously in a relationship.

What Animal Would You Be if You Were not Human?

This question seems odd in this situation but it can help you know how and what he like about nature. As he probably never answered such question, so when he answer you more chances are that he give you glimpse of his personality. If he see himself as loin or any strong animal that means he like himself to be or stay strong or if he say any bird which means he like freedom. But again, may be his answer won't reveal everything, so you should not make any broad conclusions.

Final Words:

World is filled with different kinds of people. Some want you and some don`t, same way you want some people and some people you don`t want. So it`s upto you when you let someone be on your side, that person be right for you. It also depend upon what kind of relationship you are looking for, short term, for fun only, long term, marriage, choice is yours.

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