February 19, 2015

LinkedIn Introduces Aggressive New Form Of Advertising

Have you ever though of creepy ads, retaliating ads are going to be more creepier.

LinkedIn has announced the new ad products today. Their new product includes ad unit that can reach LinkedIn users on websites. Name of this new ad product is LinkedIn Network Display. It let you buy ads through LinkedIn which will be displayed on other websites.

These ads help marketers to target specific groups of LinkedIn users and use cookies to continue targeting same users with ads when they leave network and browse other sites.

LinkedIn Introduces Aggressive New Form Of Advertising : eAskme
LinkedIn Introduces Aggressive New Form Of Advertising : eAskme

If you fall into any particular group that an advertiser is targeting then you will see same ads following you every site you go on the web.

if you think it is an ad network, Linkedin call it “audience network”. Difference is that rather than targeting websites here advertisers are targeting specific groups of people.

LinkedIn will be using professional data to target ads. Linkedin also sell ad space on partner sites such as Weather.com and CNN.

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One more ad tool which I like to mention here is launched today by LinkedIn. They call it Lead Accelerator. It is actually an algorithm and it`s main purpose is to find out which ads to serve to which users.

It determines if a LinkedIn user is in the buying mood and then Lead Accelerator start serving the most relevant ad related to user behavior.

I see ad competition is growing, As facebook has launched product ads and now Linkedin also added new type of ad products in it`s network.

Do share what you think about ad networks and which is your favorite choice? If you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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