February 19, 2015

Microsoft Exchange OST Recovery Tool to Convert OST to PST

Know How to Convert OST to PST – Let’s just have a look about some fundamental points below:


Some expert developer and Forensic Team working on Database Security, Recovery and Conversion for a long time and analyzed that the IMAP email Account has a number of benefits over POP accounts (POST OFFICE PROTOCOL). IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) Synchronizes every single one email on Server along with your client, benefit of this is users can easily access all emails database on many different machine or devices, IMAP download and Upload emails and email folders from Server, and in the end this is the result users sent emails stored in sent items folder when sending emails and as well IMAP allows to move and copy emails between folders and keeps all emails and folders well organized. Entire Folder Structure flagged emails, Inbox, sent, contacts and other folders can easily be accessed from server from any location wherever user wish to access.

Today’s difficulty is users have to mess up with Email Database due to various unwanted file corruption reason. Email Database created using any Client but the main task is to maintain the whole database in usable condition and keeping it as in useful condition as long as possible.

Database stays alive on Server and is also available in Server’s offline mode facility and this is known as a replica database having an .OST identification extension. OST stands to Offline storage Table and is generated or created by Microsoft Outlook application, when an email account is created with Exchange Server and Server connected to Microsoft Outlook application then OST file created on default location. Enabling the Cached Mode of Exchange with Outlook application it is created and can be accessed even without an Internet connection as the email database stored in machine with Outlook client application.

There are a lot of causes of database corruption as in:
  • Power Failure of system, and human error destroys all database while, database is in Unstable memory mode and not been saved to Stable memory.
  • Exchange Server account deletion leads to unapproachable of OST database.
  • Outlook Application’s sudden stops responding
  • Outlook programming error due to virus infection
  • File Size limitation, file corruption due to error from administrator’s end.
  • Due to some electronic digital problem with Exchange Server and Client’s platform


Utilize a most trusted third Party OST Recovery Software that performs amazing time saving Recovery of OST database. This Solution is not only repairs OST file but successfully recovers whole emails and email folders with its real email structure. As well this Software is a converter in the end with its powerful file converting feature. Yes the Conversion from OST file to PST format. 

Now to move on the way to know more about the features functionality of this Exchange OST Recovery and OST to PST Converter Tool:

All in One Click Process that is the main necessitate today while we don’t have sufficient time to spend on choosing, deciding the features, those forces to think over again to make a judgment before starting the process as generally OST files are bigger in sizes for example: 2GB to more than 100GB in size. Once you choose the option and clicked on start button you have to wait until the process finishes the recovery or you have to stop the process in middle and start the process again, this will consume the valuable time. So this Exchange OST Recovery tool is worthy.

Let’s have a look on Finest Features, Functionality, Process and Application’s File and System Support End:
It is Microsoft Windows Operating System’s friendly
Supports all Microsoft Operating Systems
Supports to Repair Exchange OST created with any Outlook version
Converts Calendar, Contacts, Deleted Email folder, Attachments and other email folders
Supports to Repair bigger Size OST files
Supports to convert OST database to PST format smoothly.
Faster OST email database Recovery
Faster OST email database Conversion to PST format.
Converted PST email database supports all Microsoft Outlook edition applications.
Free version available so that you can be sure about the strength and features honesty of premium version
Does not require Microsoft Outlook to be installed on machine
Required a minimum space of 20MB on Hard drive,
Application size is less than 5MB
Upgrade version 2.0 is available
Facilitate to automatic upgrade to newer version

Single Click Recovery, Conversion and file Preview feature benefit. So I found one of the best things is about the tool is it’s all in one single click Recovery, Conversion and Preview feature. It means within single click you will find these features start working step by step automatically.


This must have Software repairs and recovers OST Database in its actual hierarchical email folder structure. Software keeps database safe and secure, it works only on corruption issues and fixes all them for a while and lets you Convert OST email database to PST format.

  • Go to Menu bar >> Then Select Add/Browse Option:
Microsoft Exchange OST Recovery Tool to Convert OST to PST

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  • Click on Browse >> Locate Exchange Outlook.ost File to "Recover & Convert" <<

Microsoft Exchange OST Recovery Tool to Convert OST to PST

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  • Click on "View PST" button to start Exchange OST mail Recovery 

Microsoft Exchange OST Recovery Tool to Convert OST to PST

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  • Software start performing database analyzing and recovery process

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  • “Preview” all “Repaired and Recovered Exchange OST database"

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  • Click on" PST" button in order to Convert database in .PST format and Choose the location to save the database.
Microsoft Exchange OST Recovery Tool to Convert OST to PST

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  • Click on “Convert” button in order to export Exchange OST file to PST format.
Microsoft Exchange OST Recovery Tool to Convert OST to PST

  • See the dialog box pop up telling you “File is converted SUCCESSFULLY”.
Microsoft Exchange OST Recovery Tool to Convert OST to PST

Know how about the Free Version of Product.

Free version is available to download directly from the Website SOFTWARE IMPERIAL and you can test the Exchange OST database, whether the OST database able to recover or not. You will be amazed that there is no chance in failing of OST Recovery and OST conversion to Microsoft Outlook PST format. Software Imperial OST to PST Converter Tool is available free to try free of cost to download without requiring signup or any subscription.

Functionality of Free version of tool is same alike the Full version excepting only File save option is disabled and this is only the difference between the Free version and Premium (license) version.

Please note: There is no limit with the Free Version of software, it has no limitation…! It can be used anytime and free to use lifetime. If you want to test other files then you do not need to close the software and start again, simply click on “CLEAR” button and start testing other OST database.

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