March 22, 2024

What is Google Ads Dynamic Structured Snippets? How to Use it?

Do you like new looks, actually everyone like new looks. Google has launched AdWords App For Android. Now Google Ads dynamic structured snippets are here.
You do not need to do anything to use dynamic structured snippet assets. There is no setup requirement. Google Ads system automatically creates dynamic structured snippets.

Google AdWords Dynamic Structured Snippets:

Google AdWords Introduces Dynamic Structured Snippets : eAskme
Google AdWords Introduces Dynamic Structured Snippets : eAskme

How do Google Dynamic Structured Snippets Assets work?

Google has explained that dynamic structured snippets display additional information alongside your ad to help users find more relevant information from your website or blog. It displays categories that users may find helpful.

What are the benefits of Google Dynamic Structured Snippets Assets?

More Information:

Dynamic Structed Snippets add more information about the services and products. This additional information is displayed automatically.

Better ROI:

Displaying additional information with ads is an excellent way to improve user interest in your ad. It also enhances relevant click-through rates and is best at finding leads.

When Dynamic Structured Snippets Display with Ads?

Dynamic Structured Snippets will only display if your ad qualifies for that type of search. It will only display to boost your ad's relevancy. Google Ads allows you to control the structured snippets by removing and pausing them.

What is the Cost of Dynamic Structured Snippets?

There is no additional cost of using Dynamic Structured Snippets in Google Ads.

How to Review Dynamic Structured Snippets Performance?

  • Go to Google Ads “Campaigns.”
  • Click on “Assets.”
  • Go to “Structured Snippet.”
  • Now, you can check the performance by source.

How to Pause or Remove Dynamic Structured Snippets?

  • Go to Google Ads “Campaigns.”
  • Click on “Assets.”
  • Click on “Structured Snippet.”
  • Select the assets checkbox.
  • Click on “Pause” or “Remove.”

Why You Should Not Opt Out Dynamic Structured Snippets?

Dynamic Structured Snippets in Google ads improve the performance of your ads without any extra cost. It is an excellent strategy to let Google decide what is helpful for the target audience in your ads.
Structured Snippet is a great feature to improve your ad performance and generate better results.


Google Ads Dynamic Structured Snippets is available for eligible ads only. It will help users to learn more about your products and services without spending extra dollars. Analyze performance to check how dynamic structured snippets work for you.

What you think about this new Dynamic Structured Snippets?

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