The Biggest Losers in Facebook’s Recent Purge of Page Likes

Facebook warned Page Owners about upcoming drop in page likes this month. This ended up taking place on March 11, 2015. This has removed likes from inactive accounts from a page’s total like count. According to Facebook this make page likes more meaningful.

The Biggest Losers in Facebook’s Recent Purge of Page Likes : eAskme
The Biggest Losers in Facebook’s Recent Purge of Page Likes : eAskme
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It is quite understandable  that many business owners to find their hard page likes had dropped. But you need not to worry as no matter how much likes you have lost, still it’s nothing compared to the likes drop incurred by the top losers.

Most popular celebrities and Biggest brands were on hit hardest. They have most likes and that`s why because they also have most to lose. It is alarming that around 10% likes were made up of inactive accounts.

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A report from social media analytics platform CrowdTingle tell us, who were the biggest losers and how much they lost. CrowdTingle tracked over 80,000 pages to complies this data, starting March 11th, 2015.

Top Celebrity Losers

  1.     AKON: –4,615,180 (8.7% of likes)    
  2.     Avril Lavigne: –4,417,463 (8.3% of likes)
  3.     Beyoncé: –4,937,853 (7.9% of likes)
  4.     Katy Perry: –5,632,634 (7.8% of likes)
  5.     Lady Gaga: –5,470,021 (8.9% of likes)
  6.     Lil Wayne: –4,817,374 (9.3% of likes)
  7.     Michael Jackson: –5,063,200 (6.7% of likes)
  8.     Rihanna: –7,986,973 (9.8% of likes)
  9.     Selena Gomez: –4,540,000 (8.0% of likes)
  10.     Shakira: –6,855,640 (6.8% of likes)

Top Big Brand Losers

  1.     Coca-Cola: –5,000,475 (5.6% of likes)
  2.     Converse: –3,207,291 (8.5% of likes)
  3.     YouTube: –5,796,122 (7.2% of likes)
  4.     Disney: –3,467,508 (7.4% of likes)
  5.     MTV: –4,064,977 (8.5% of likes)
  6.     Oreo: –2,621,539 (6.6% of likes)
  7.     Red Bull: –3,197,328 (7.5% of likes)
  8.     Skype: –2,430,956 (8.0% of likes)
  9.     Starbucks: –2,489,603 (7.0% of likes)
  10.     Texas HoldEm Poker: –3,719,075 (5.5% of likes)

As these lost likes were from the accounts that had been either intentionally activated or memorialized, it is safe to believe that a good percentage of the lost likes were from people who leave Facebook.

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