Facebook to Turn Messenger into a Platform Similar to Snapchat

TechCrunch has indicated that Facebook is going to turn its Messenger service into a platform look like Snapchat. It will be a messaging service which allow third parties to deliver content and communicate directly with audience.

Facebook Messenger Similar Snapchat : eAskme
Facebook Messenger Similar Snapchat : eAskme
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Don`t worry, Facebook not going to copy Snapchat. Facebook just going to make Messenger more useful. It is said that facebook can announce this functionality at F8 conference.

Initially focus of new functions will be on how third parties can deliver information and publish content through Messenger. It looks like Discover tab of Snapchat which has ability for brands to deliver content directly to followers.

It has also predicted that integration between Messenger and news feed is also in list of Facebook’s announcements at F8.

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If Messanger get popular than facebook can add commerce features for third parties to use. I have already shared that facebook has added friend to friend payments feature for it`s users.

I Imagine an ability to send a product deal out to audience on Facebook Messenger and followers able to buy by tapping a button. It will be insanely useful feature for Facebook.

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So you can expect that focus of majority of the F8 conference this month will be on Messenger. So I can predict that facebook is going to launch some awesome features this year. What are those features? I will share in my next posts.