March 28, 2015

Why We Love Swift Premium WordPress Theme - Responsive WordPress Theme (And You Should, Too!)

I have always used and recommended everyone to use only premium themes on their blogs or websites. A premium themes come with lots of benefits and always with clean coding. I have already shared about the best theme framework, Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress.

Swift Premium WordPress Theme - Responsive WordPress Theme : eAskme
Swift Premium WordPress Theme - Responsive WordPress Theme : eAskme

Today I am sharing one more popular WordPress theme frameworks and this is Swift Premium WordPress Theme.

Swift Premium WordPress Theme is a hot selling product. It is lighweight, fast and offer complete control over design. Swift premium WordPress theme offers you two options free and premium.

Free swift WordPress theme is one of most downloaded free WordPress theme. You will be amazed to see it`s features. But Swift premium WordPress theme offers you much more advanced features.

Swift Premium WordPress Theme Plans and Pricing:

Swift Premium WordPress Theme Plans and Pricing : eAskme

With more than 3k Paid users and more than 200k free users, Swift premium theme making web faster. Google is now taking Website speed as a serious factor to rank websites in search results. So if you want to rank your site easily then you need to make your blog or site faster. So what are you waiting for Swift Premium WordPress Theme is here for you.

Download Swift Premium WordPress Theme

Swift Premium WordPress Theme Licenses.
  • Personal License (One year) – $57
  • Developer License (One year) – $94
  • Personal License (lifetime) – $74
  • Developer License (lifetime) – $125

Features of Swift Premium WordPress Theme:

Faster than fast:

On Google page speed test Swift Premium WordPress Theme score 90+  and on GT Metric performance report 97+. If you test it on pingdom site then it will take less than a second. Swift is well planned and strategically executed theme to give your site fast loading speed. Watch the below video to find out what & how much a slower website is costing you.

Search Engine Optimized Theme:

Do you want to come first? I always want to come first. It`s a competition where you have to rank yourself on first page to get more traffic and generate more leads and revenue.

To rank better in search engines it is really necessary that you site has highly optimized code.

No matter that lot of free WordPress Theme’s say that they are SEO friendly. But in coding there is always something hidden.

The Swift Theme is truly SEO optimized. Right headers, fast loading, and small footprint make this theme incredible.

Customizable to the Core

Swift allows you to easily customize every single element and make your design personal.

Swift Premium WordPress Theme allows you to customize everything without even knowledge of coding. You can easily change fonts, colors, layout and width. You can easily change layout to Fluid, Hybrid or Fixed.

WordPress as CMS

Swift premium WordPress theme allows you to easily build business sites. It`s 10 page templates help you choose different layouts according to your needs. You can easily add boxes, columns, buttons using short-codes. Swift theme also offers you page specific widgets to help you to have different sidebar on different pages. These features help you to use WordPress CMS.

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Responsive Design

Mobile friendly algorithm is a part of search engines now. Google has also launched it`s mobile friendly testing tool, so everyone can test and add mobile friendly feature to their sites. Swift provides pixel perfect ultra-modern responsive design.

Over 30% of Internet users use Internet on their smartphone or tablets. Responsive design is a MUST.

Generate More Revenue

Swift premium Wordpress theme not only help you to create a perfect user experience on your site but also increase revenue with built in ad management.

Swift Theme has everything that you need to monetize your blog. You just need to add Google Adsense code to predefined text boxes and enable where you want them to display. Swift also give you number of options for displaying ads.

You can display ads in the header, above the header, below the post title, below the navigation bar, after the first paragraph of your post, below the post content, in the post content, or above the footer.

Download Swift Premium WordPress Theme

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