April 06, 2015

Payoneer Back in India – Offering $25 Bonus

Payoneer is a popular online money transfer service which was popular back in India, before shutting down their operation in India. Payoneer proved to be a great PayPal alternative. As it was accepting debit card even when PayPal was only accepting Credit Cards. Even now when PayPal has started accepting debit cards still Payoneer is on of the best PayPal alternative because of the lesser transaction fees than PayPal.

Payoneer Back in India – Offering $25 Bonus : eAskme
Payoneer Back in India – Offering $25 Bonus : eAskme
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What is Payoneer & how it works?

Signup for Payoneer and you need to enter EU and US  Payment Service bank details. You can easily receive payment directly to Payoneer account. Payoneer directly deposit amount into local bank account. You can use Payoneer for SEPA transfers in the EU or ACH transfers in the US.

If you have to receive payment from any European client and U.S. Client then you can share unique U.K or U.S payment service detail to receive payment.

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Payoneer signup

Payoneer is well way to receive payment. You will save on transaction fees and Forex conversion.

Payoneer is not a perfect Paypal alternative, but still it is a great way to receive payment. The best thing is that you will save good money amount in the transaction.

Note: Payoneer charges $3 for every payment transfer.

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    Odesk Corporation
    People Per Hour

Signup and enter bank details to receive payment. It will take 24 hours to get approval. Once you get approval then you can get U.K and U.S Payment service details.

Get Bonus $25 for using Payoneer:

After signup use Payoneer for $100 transaction and you will get a bonus of $25 for using it.

You can also get $25 as referral bonus when your refereed user make their first $100 transaction.

Payoneer India limit:

    INR 5,00,000 per single transaction
    Daily transfer limit is 5,00,000
    Monthly transaction limit 2,500,000

It is interesting to see Payoneer service back in India. I am waiting for the day when Indian government will remove restrictions on services like PayPayl, Payoneer.