April 06, 2015

10 Evergreen Movies That Will Inspire You to Make More Money

Money is the need and dream of every single person. Money has now taken center stage in the world.

Now moviemakers also focus on movies related to money.

People around the world are working hard to make good money.

Some are getting what they want, and some are facing issues.

Money is an essential thing.

Today we will talk about movies that inspire you to make more money.
10 Evergreen Movies That Will Inspire You to Make More Money: eAskme
10 Evergreen Movies That Will Inspire You to Make More Money: eAskme

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There are so many movies are available for the money. The reason is that the entire world is running behind money.

There are so many movies on money. Some are about greed for money and the need for money.
Today I am sharing a list of the Top 10 Movies about Money.

Money has its different definitions for different people. But the common thing is that everyone wants money.
I have already said that we become what we see. Videos and Movies are the best way to motivate us. Here at eAskme, I have already shared.Here are top 10 the best Movies to inspire you to make money.

Sometimes principles and ideas are more important than the path you have chosen.

Boiler Room (2000) – Thriller

Starring Vin Diesel, Boiler Room is an investment drama. It shows a rivalry between Glengarry Glen Ross and Wall Street. A college dropout makes use of aggressive cold-calling. He turns from running an illegal casino to legal investment business.

Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) – Drama

Glengarry Glen Ross is full of intelligent and meaningful dialogues. The story moves around a Chicago-based real-estate office. Every salesman is under immense pressure due to hard time of estate office. It is a splendid movie on money making.

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Wall Street (1987) – Thriller

Bud Fox is an ambitious stockbroker. He do everything to get success. Insider trading is a reprehensible crime but he still does it. He takes his life with the ‘Greed is good’ motto.

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) – Drama

This is a movie on never giving up. Will Smith gives you goosebumps and tears as Christopher Gardner. This is a true story published by Christopher Gardner himself. It was not only blockbuster movie but also a best-selling book.

Never give up, no matter what.

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Office Space (1999) – Comedy

If you hate work then raise your hands. Office Space is definitely for you. Everyone hates work. This movie inspires you to get out of a desk job in the corporate world. This is one of the must watch motivational movies for those who hate work.

Casino (1995) – Crime Drama

Goodfellas, is also deals with money. Casino is all about evils of money. The story moves around Ace Rothstein, a gambling genius. He turn Tangiers casino into a gold mine. But ends up people taking full advantage of Tangiers casino.

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The Color of Money (1996) – Drama

The Color of Money is all about money, revenge and exploitation. Newman is Eddie Felson, a former hustler and Vincent Lauria is a hot-shot pool player.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001) – Crime Thriller

This is one of my favorite movie. Money is the root of all evil. Terry Benedict owns a chain of casinos in Vegas. He love to destroy competition in to build his empire. Danny Ocean plots to rob him and gathers a crew.

Trading Places (1983) – Comedy

What will happen if the poor and the rich switch places? Two super-rich brothers ask some question and to find out the result they have social experiment plan. They ruin the life of successful commodities trader and replace him with a bum. Trading Places is a classic comedy.

Scarface (1983) – Crime Drama

This movie is more about blood, drugs and money. But this movie reflects admirable skills and will of the Scarface. He is building an empire. This movie shows how to win friends and influence people.

So this is my list of 10 Evergreen Movies That Will Inspire You to Make More Money. Do share any movie that is based on making money or its consequences? Do share via comments.

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