Yahoo Reportedly Testing New Mobile Search Interface

A Business Insider report says that Yahoo is testing a very new user interface for mobile search engine.
Yahoo Reportedly Testing New Mobile Search Interface : eAskme
Yahoo Reportedly Testing New Mobile Search Interface : eAskme
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It is noticeable that this new interface will remove “Powered by Bing” branding, which used to appear on the bottom right of search.

This branding shows as  the result of deal between Yahoo and Bing in 2010. This deal was about Yahoo’s search business outsourced to Microsoft.

Technically, Yahoo and bing deal never included mobile search. So now Yahoo may intend to run its own mobile search  independently. It is also said that results will not be any different than they are at present.

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Tis indicated that there is nothing hidden and changes are only in design. Business Insider report also said that Yahoo is working on its own mobile search engine.

Right now Yahoo has very small share of mobile search engine market. So is a a new test of Yahoo mobile pages without Bing branding, to see if it can bring some good results. Now the question is, why Yahoo suddenly remove Bing’s branding?

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Till now I haven`t received any comment from Microsoft has on this story. According to a Yahoo spokesperson states:

Yahoo Reportedly Testing New Mobile Search Interface

Right now no further details are available, but as soon I get updates I will definitely share with you.

Can you predict any major changes in Yahoo search? do share with us.

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