May 13, 2015

Get Social if Struggling to Compete With The Big Brands!

New research has recently found that when branding is concerned, social media presents small businesses with the means to compete with the big guys.
Social media popularity has been on the rise for quite some time already, and it has introduced a change in how clients are being introduced to businesses and their products.
In addition, social media has presented buyers with the chance to interact with and learn more about one another.
Get Social if Struggling to Compete With The Big Brands!: eAskme

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In the not so distant past, big companies brought more power to their advertising campaigns by simply investing insane amounts of money into advertising their brand to build a positive reputation and enhance customer awareness.

These days, however, the power of consumers has increased substantially, giving them the means to interact between themselves and bypass the established channels for marketing and advertisement.

This had, to a large extent, negated the firm grip large businesses have on the market.

The shift is no surprise to many business owners because social media can change how traditional branding is done.

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Reviews posted on Amazon and other e-commerce websites now represent an essential tool for reaching up to new products.

Additionally, discussions taking place on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter give businesses, irrespective of their size, the tools to come into contact with will help more people.

Nowadays, consumers are much more reliant on information coming from their contacts, limiting the advertisers’ power and making it difficult for companies to approve large payments for advertising upfront.

Furthermore, social media transforms clients into more discriminating and demanding buyers, shifting power in their favor.

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Some authors, such as those writing for the Marketing Blog, are on the opinion that when the power is concentrated in the hands of consumers, large companies risk losing control over effectively promoting their brand and are faced with increased competition from businesses of smaller size that try to spread information about their product and services through low-cost campaigns on social media and word-of-mouth to build brand awareness.

Adopting a mobile strategy is also very important for both small and big marketers to compete in the ever-changing landscape successfully.

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These days when it can be argued that mobile phones are more significant in number than toothbrushes, consumers are likely to demand more of marketers by leveraging their social media power.

A brand can thrive on social media, or it can be its downfall.

The important thing here is recognizing the need for companies to respond to consumer preferences by changing their mindset and adopting new strategies.

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