June 22, 2015

A New Way to Grow Your Following on Facebook with Author Tags

If you are a publisher on Facebook. This news may be good for you. As Facebook has introduced a new way to gain followers. This feature is called Author Tags. With this feature implemented on a website. People can follow the author or the content they saw on Facebook.
A New Way to Grow Your Following on Facebook with Author Tags : eAskme
A New Way to Grow Your Following on Facebook with Author Tags : eAskme
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With this feature there will be a story preview in the news feed. With the option to follow the author's page or even profile.

When a Facebook user clicks on content, then after seeing the content returns back to Facebook. There will be an option to like or follow either the corresponding page or profile.

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Now here is the chance for all publishers to grow their following. As it will be much more effective as those who are really interested in the content will be following the author. Author's can even nurture this with chats and answering questions that the person may have.

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Implementing this new feature
If you are someone that is easily intimidated by adding codes to your website. You will be relieved to know that this feature is actually very easy to do. It only needs one code in the header tag. That is all.

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For any publisher or author it is the goal to create a following on you Facebook page. It ensures a steady flow of traffic. Your following will grow. So do make sure to use this new feature.

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