Youtube Launching Newswire : Dedicated to Eyewitness Videos

Now Youtube has launched a site made specifically eyewitness reports in mind. Keeping up with news as it happens. Storyful and Youtube is in partnership for this purpose.  Storyful's team of editorial staff and other original sources will be bringing eyewitness reports. The feed will be curated and will be watched for newsworthy events.

Youtube Launching Newswire : Dedicated to Eyewitness Videos : eAskme
Youtube Launching Newswire : Dedicated to Eyewitness Videos : eAskme
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This will be for regional and international feeds. For relevant news for each part of the world. With this in mind, Youtube introduced First Draft Coalition and The Witness media lab.

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The First Draft Coalition is a site that is new. But it will only launch this fall. It's main focus is on educational verification and resources. Training in ethics, research and tools. Also will be watching case studies for the biggest stories of the moment around the world.

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The WITNESS media lab is a site that will be focused on dealing with human rights issues as it will analyze videos of eyewitnesses. It will give the insight into the human factor. It will be focusing on human rights issues as it will show real live people that deals with things as it happens, witnessing and also with people who experience these issues as events unfold.

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Already Youtube Newswire and WITNESS media is active and live. With the First Draft Coalition following as said in the fall.

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