June 30, 2015

Now You Can Explore Trends and Search Location on Instagram

It has been announced by Instagram that they have added a new search function for Android and iOS users. Those users will now be able to find photos based on location, real trends and more. The new search function will go through over 70 million photos as well as videos to find new trending places, people and tags.
Now you can explore trends and search location on Instagram : eAskme
Now you can explore trends and search location on Instagram : eAskme
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Something that is also new is the curated collections. It will be featured on the explore page, right at the top. Also it will be updated at regular intervals. These may include extreme athletes, ancient ruins, architecture, interesting accounts and more.

For now only users that is in the US have access to the new explore page. But Instagram says that it is working on bringing the explore page to more countries. After it has fine tuned the experience for it's users.

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But the good news is that the search function is already available to users worldwide. When you type in the search bar. You can choose from top, tags, places and people.

 It is said that the top tab is very powerful as it is a new way to search for people that is across the globe. When you use the places tab you will be able to search for pictures or videos that was from a specific place. That includes restaurants, vacation spots and convention halls. Now its very convenient to see your preferred location.

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The new Search and explore is already available for iOS and Google Play store. Hope all will have a great experience with the new search function that is featured on Instagram now.