August 21, 2015

How To Check Virus Online By Uploading File?

Do you love to buy goods from online shops or do you also like to be the one who sells products online? Have you ever faced any complaint regarding virus issues in the downloaded file?

How To Check Virus Online By Uploading File? : eAskme
How To Check Virus Online By Uploading File? : eAskme
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Here at eAskme, I also sell popular and most recommended e-books and plugins for you and your website. I always love to ensure the safety of my system and my blogs so I always avoid downloading files from unreliable sources. Now you may like to know why I needed to look for and online virus scanner?

online virus scanner:

eAskme offers free Blogging Guide eBook has been downloaded more than 500 times last one month. I received few emails saying that their anti-virus is not letting them to access the file and showing that virus detected in the file.

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So I started looking for the issues and checked that my file is secure. I just needed an online tool to check for any worms, viruses, malware or trojen in any uploaded file. I found an interesting tool that I am going to share with you today.

VirusTotal: An online Solution to check a file to Malware or Viruses

VirusTotal is a free and popular virus checker tool. All you to do is to upload any file that you want to test for torjans, viruses or worms. It also allow you to check any url of any website to check if it contains virus or not. This is really helpful for professional bloggers as sometimes they see a warning messgae that site is compromised. By using virus total you can make sure that your site should be safe.

5 Free Online Virus Scan Sites For Quick Antivirus Scanning

Virustotal is really easy to use. 

Go to ViruTotal homepage.
Click on "Choose File".
You can upload file upto 128 mb size.

Now Virutotal will analyze your file for viruses and show the result with warnings.

Sometimes antivirus scanners show virus because the pdf file contains some links that are blocked by antiviruses.

Now lets see if the IP address of a website is blacklisted or not:

  •     Open online ping tool 
  •     Enter website URL
  •     Copy the I.P. address
  •     Go to Blacklist checker tool
  •     Paste the I.P. address
  •     Click on check blacklists.
  •     If it shows a warning message that means you need to get a dedicated I.P address for your site.

I hope Today I have made it clear to you how you can keep your website and files safe even when you sell ebooks or digital goods online. Have you ever used any online virus scanner? Do share your experience via comments.

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