Google Search Market Share Decreased While Bing Improved

According to reports by Comscore Google is little less dominant that this time a year ago. It is still strong at 65% of the search market in the US. But last year this time it was 68.7%. Which means a 5.6 decrease in year on year search share.
Google Search Market Share Decreased While Bing Improved : eAskme
Google Search Market Share Decreased While Bing Improved : eAskme
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All that while Bing and Yahoo both improved with 1%. When compared to a month ago. They still hold onto 20.3% and 12.7% of the search markets.

If you consider the number of searches made on a monthly basis by Bing when Yahoo does return Bing searches, then Bing's share is close to 31.5%. But when you compare it to this time last year "powered by" Bing changed to 27.5% of the US search market. Which means when compared in a year on year search it increased 14.5%

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Meaning that while Bing is growing in searches, Google is getting fewer searches than a year ago this time.

If you are interested in reading the full report you can read it on Comscore's report.

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