August 25, 2015

Confirmation of issue with Google Search Console for Indexed pages

Recently Google has rebrands Webmaster Tools as Google Search Console. Gary Illyes confirmed that there is a problem with Search Console. That in turn affects reporting of pages that is indexed.
Google Search Console : eAskme
Google Search Console : eAskme
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So how does this affect websites? It means that with this error it gives reports of huge drops in the number of pages that is indexed. For others it means that it will stay the same even though in reality it has increased.

If you see seen your indexed pages in Search console you may have thought that isn't looking right, then its possible that you have been affected by this issue.

It has been seen that Search Console reported zero when in fact the website received traffic. So how do we get an accurate report? It is very easy. Just type in your domain name on the search bar on Google. Now check how many pages Google finds. If you see that there is for example 21000 , you can compare this information with the report in Search console.

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This is a more accurate and reliable way to get a report of indexed pages. That is, till Google gets this issue fixed.  But please still know that it isnt an accurate report, but you will have a more reliable number till Google Fixed Search console.

Were you affected by this issue? What is your thoughts about this issue? Speak your mind and let us know. We like hearing from our readers.