Now Facebook is Testing it's Own Content Platform for Notes

According to reports Facebook is testing it's notes platform to a long form platform. It was first seen my Dave Winner who uses Twitter. He showed an example of this. When opening his link you will see a note from Facebook that resembles content that is seen Medium

Now Facebook is Testing it's Own Content Platform for Notes : eAskme
Now Facebook is Testing it's Own Content Platform for Notes : eAskme
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But a Facebook spokesperson confirmed that saying that Facebook is testing an update to notes that makes it easier for people to create and read longer stories that is on Facebook.

The idea of this update is to make Notes relevant again. As it has been mostly forgotten when longer status updates was allowed.

For Facebook to get people blogging on its website, the biggest benefit is the large audience it has.

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But as known Facebook has competition from Medium when it is about attracting leaders on it's content platform. But as of lately LinkedIn has also been seen to make a name for itself as the content platform for any professionals.

But then again Facebook may create it's own niche as a casual blogging platform, for anyone who considered to start a blog. Well we will have to see how Facebook will be turning attention to Notes. One thing is for sure. The outcome will be interesting.

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Do you have any opinion about this article? What do you think about the fact that Facebook is focusing on Notes? Will like to know what our readers think about this news.

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