October 11, 2015

3 Ways to Promote Online Business Offline

As a blogger and internet marketer, you can`t ignore the importance of blog promotion both in terms of online and offline. Promoting onlines business offline need  various advertising and conventional marketing strategies. Today I am going to show you the list of most effective ways to promote your online business offline. As a Blogger or webmaster you will love to follow some cheap tactics that will cost you nothing and help you create long lasting impression offline.

3 Ways to Promote Online Business Offline : eAskme
3 Ways to Promote Online Business Offline : eAskme
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Promote Your Online Business Offline

Now you may ask when you already have your business online then why you need to promote it offline? How it can help your online business? But every successful Internet marketer  knows that
offline blog promotion is one of the most powerful tool to gain attention and generate leads. When I say offline it includes newspapers, press and media. As a passion blogger you should be ready to take advantage of every single chance that can help you promote your blog and this is one of the keys which open the door of success for you.

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Why you should promote online business offline?

So now you may need to know how you should promote your online business offline. You may be doing good already on social media and may have so many followers then why you still need offline promotion. When it comes to exposure of an online business, I never let any single option go away without utilizing. Exposure in your local area and your work group is an easy to do thing. I have already shared that even now many people don`t know what is a blogging and how to do blogging? So how can you expect them to know what you doing if you don`t show them.

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The best thing about getting featured on Local media or newspaper is that it will bring some good business opprtunities from your local area and sometimes from aroudn the world also.

3 Cheap and Effective Offline Blog promotion tips:

Business Cards

Blogging is a business, so if you have a blog that means you are doing business. You should respect what we do, same in case of blogging. Like every other business you should also have business cards, stating about your blogging business. Business cards are really great way to promote your business offline. Everytime when I share 100 cards I get around 150 to 200 visitors who are loyal. One good thing about Business cards is that they are not expensive.

Press: TV channels, Magazine, and Newspapers

One of my journalist friend once told me that he need more news for his publication. It is really not easy to fill magazine and newspaper with news. If you can provide them shocking news, which is free they will definitely publish it.

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It is very easy to get local newspapers to feature you. There are people who are making $5k every month by writing for newspapers. If you may have seen Go-daddy and Bigrock commercials then you will know how much buzz they have created.

Gift T-Shirts : Show Me More

Everyone like gifts, and Tshirts are one of the best gift that will help you in promotion of your blog offline. You can buy tshirts on wholesale and get them printed with your brand name.

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Do share your tips which can help you to promote your online business offline? if you have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask me.