October 13, 2015

Why Health Blogs Earn More than Technology Blogs

Blogging is one of the best way to make money online. Everyday thousands of bloggers are joining blogging world. Blogging proved to be best for thousands of famous bloggers who are earning millions every-month.
The very first thing what a blogger do, when he plan about blogging, is to choose a topic or niche on which he can create his blog. There are so many niche like, celebrities, entertainment, sports, health, tech, science, autos etc. People usually choose blog topic which they like or which they think is easy to write or work on.
Why Health Blogs Earn More than Technology Blogs : eAskme
Why Health Blogs Earn More than Technology Blogs : eAskme
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Today I am going to talk about a controversial topic Why health Blogs earn more than Technology Blogs. I run both type of blogs and I have seen huge difference between earning of both, even using same methods of working on both.

Why Health Blogs Earn More than Technology Blogs:

Type of Audience:

On a tech blog usual visitors are those who already know why you are showing ads on your blog or website, and it make them stay away from ads and this is the reason of low CTR and low earning if you are using CPC ads on your blog
On health blog people are curious to find out what is your blog offering. They do not know if you are getting any share of those ads and this make them more likely to click on ads.

Type of ads:

If you are using affiliate ads or CPC ads, both work good on both type of blogs. Still tech blogs are not easy to make sale or get click as there is too much competition and people like to buy tech stuff more from the online shops or direct websites rather than from a blog.
On health blog if visitor likes some health product or service or advice which is showing in ads they are more likely to click it, or make purchase to keep themselves fit. This make health blogs make easy sales.

Health is always first preference for a person than technology.


There is only exception, if you are a brand. If you gain authority in your niche than you can even earn more from tech blogs. It also depend upon what you are trying to promote on your blog.

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No matter which niche you choose for blogging. First research what type of audience it attracts, if you are good to write on that topic, what new you can add to your readers and what type of products and services you can easily promote on your blog.

Which is your Blog Niche? Do share you suggestions, via comments.

So this is what I have seen on my blogs. Now I believe you know why Health blogs make more money than Tech blogs. If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask me.