October 28, 2015

Ad Free Subscription Launched on October on Youtube

As Youtube wants to focus on meeting the demands of viewers. They announced plans for an ad free subscription on October 28.

Ad free Subscription launched on October on Youtube : eAskme
Ad free Subscription launched on October on Youtube : eAskme
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The experience that is now named Red by Youtube  should give viewers what they want. Free offline viewing capabilities that is what they offer now.

If you want to see Youtube with no ads. It will cost you. $9.99 a month. But there is no word yet as to how it will affect revenue for publishers. So as there is no way to know how it will be affecting earnings. There can only be speculation.

PewDieDie and CollegeHumor, top Youtube publishers will be launching content that is original starting 2016 on the Youtube. But as for Youtube itself, It admits thats it has plans to commission content that is original on Youtube Red.

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As of October 28th people that live in the US can consider if they want to try Youtube Red for one free month. It should be available for desktop and mobile. Youtube says they are working on making this service available to more countries soon.

What is your thoughts on this news? I think it may give an impact on publishers that uses ads. You can share your thoughts by contacting us or by commenting. We look forward to hear from you.