Google Will Use Rankbrain to Respond to Queries that Hasn't Ever Been Searched Before.

We all know how to ask queries on Google. But did we consider what happens when it deals with a question that hasn't been asked before.

How is it handled or dealt with? This search engine giant doesn't just rely on ranking algorithms. Google uses an AI that is named RankBrain to find the most effective answers.  Says a report in Bloomberg.
Google Will Use Rankbrain to Respond to Queries that Hasn't Ever Been Searched Before.: eAskme
Google Will Use Rankbrain to Respond to Queries that Hasn't Ever Been Searched Before.: eAskme
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It is said that 15% of the searches every day is unique. Which is the time RankBrain is used to find the most effective answers.

For the last few given months RankBrain has been used to answer a large fraction of queries. Meaning million of queries was handled by artificial intelligence. So what makes RankBrain different from any existing algorithm? Answer is interesting. RankBrain has the ability to learn, in the process giving more accurate and effective answers to more unique questions.

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So when RankBrain see's a phrase or quote it doesn't understand. The machine makes a guess to what it may mean or looks for similar phrases. Then it starts by filtering the results accordingly. Making it much more effective in handling  results in a way that hasn't been seen before.

RankBrain is said to be only one out of hundred of signals that is used to determine how search results should appear. But it is admitted that it has  since the time it was used, it has become the third most important signal that is used when giving rank searches.

So now RankBrain has become a very important part of searches on Google. If it was turned off, it would be the same as deindexing half of Wikipedia. Which would create havoc. Same for Google's RankBrain. Said one engineer in the Bloomberg report.

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Senior Vice Principal of Google Search, Amit Singhal was said to give the green light to roll out RankBrain everywhere for all search queries earlier this year. Even though it operates autonomously. RankBrain is still controlled and monitored to update any new data.

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