November 01, 2015

Is Narendra Modi Helping Blogger or Destroying Them?

Narendra Modi`s "Make in India" plan moved ahead during his visit to silicon valley during his meet with Mark Zuckerberg. I also support his efforts for taking India one step ahead in virtual market and industrial revolutions talks. But still there is a question which stuck in my mind or may be in mind of many other bloggers, that is Narendra Modi and his "Make in India" missing is going to help bloggers and freelancers or is he forgetting about the blogging community.
Is Narendra Modi Helping Blogger or Destroying Them? : eAskme
Is Narendra Modi Helping Blogger or Destroying Them? : eAskme
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Till now I have not heard him saying anything about blogging, blog or freelancing. So there is a fear in mind of many bloggers that blogging can be completely out of focus when Indian prime minister promote India and industry on world`s stage.

Freelancers are already facing many issues such as tax on receiving money from outside India. There is no Government strategy to plan and motivate bloggers or blogging.

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So there are some questions for which we need answers:

Bloggers have many questions for Narendra Modi such as is government going to plan anything to promote blogging? What will be the plan and how freelancers can stay strong even in the most competitive career.

No doubt blogging is one of the best way to make money online but till now it is not known in India. Many people still hear blogging as the alien word. So there can be many things that can be asked if there will be any plan to motivate freelancers or boost blogging.

I respect his efforts and "make in India" plan but there are questions which require answers.