Why I Stopped Using Mozilla Firefox and You should to

There was a time till October, 2015, when I was in love with Mozilla Firefox browser. Mozilla was my top most priority over any old or new browser. But with the time things have changed. You might be thinking that till now I was recommending everyone to use Mozilla Firefox, so what happend now.

What Happend to Mozilla Firefox and Why I stopped Using it.

I loved Mozilla FireFox from years. But since last one month there is a huge problem in this browser. It seems that it is not supporting Adobe Flash anymore. Video playing on Mozilla Firefox is getting hard as it is getting crash every single second.
Why I Stopped Using Mozilla Firefox and You should to : eAskme
Why I Stopped Using Mozilla Firefox and You should to : eAskme
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I waited for Mozilla to fix this, They even have released new updates but problem getting worse than ever. Not even at my own system but system o many other friends, Mozilla is playing naughty.

It is really hard to use twitter on it, as whenever I am tweeting anything it is getting hanged saying "Not responding.

What I did to fix this:
  • I have uninstalled and then re-installed mozilla.
  • Waited for new updates and updated it.
  • Cleaned browser plugins and addons
  • Even used The Refresh Firefox feature
What I got:
In the end, as I haven't found any solution so I decided to quit on Mozilla and move to some other browsers such as Opera, Chrome and Safari.

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