February 01, 2016

How to Become a Superhero

You may think that it is just a childish dream to be a superhero, but I must say there are people who have some skills and secret identities like superheros. When I say superhero, it doesn`t mean that I am going to be or make myself or you a man flying around the globe like ironman or superman.

I am talking about the real Superhero.
How to Become a Superhero : eAskme
How to Become a Superhero : eAskme
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Now you may ask what a real superhero means? These qualities can mane you a superhero also.

How to Become a Superhero

A real superhero have some qualities that make him/her superhero. Those qualities are:

1) faster response time

How to Become a Superhero : eAskme

                       The quickest decision making skill is the real ability that separate a man from the crowd of common people. This ability can also make you a superhero if you are too good in making decision right on time and this not only save you from many crucial situations but also help you to easily solve the problems of others.

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2) Always be on side of law

How to Become a Superhero : eAskme
                       A superhero always stays on the side of law. He stand for the humanity and nation at any point of time in any condition. Being on the side of law not only help you to get extra help from people but also make you gain respect even if you have a secret identity that work for people.

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3) Secret identity

How to Become a Superhero : eAskme
  "Never take off the mask". Superhero`s always keep their identity secret this not only help them to stay away from unnecessary risks but also save their families from being in the harms way. Superhero knows that secret identities can also help them to be part of the crowd and find what is not good and fix it staying unnoticed.

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4) Stay away from limelight

How to Become a Superhero : eAskme

                   I always know that superheros run away from paparazzi. They know the media is only there to tear off their mask and also rip off their good deeds. So they always keep them anonymous, either wearing a mask or staying in dark.

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5) Special skills

How to Become a Superhero : eAskme

                Every superhero have some special skills such as some run faster, some think faster, some never feel cold and some never feel heat. But when i talk about becoming a superhero, I talk about being more modest and great thinker with sharp mind. And if you want to be someone who want to play in dark to beat the crime in the streets than you must learn parkour, the quickest way to run on walls and jump through building and also some great fighting skills.

6) Always ready to fight

How to Become a Superhero : eAskme

                When I say fight, superheros not only fight with bad people but they also fight with bad choices. They know that every decision have some consequences, they choose wisely and always ready to pay for their mistakes.

Final Words:
So no matter what your reason is, being superhero is not the easy thing. The great things need great sacrifice and if you are ready to pay the price of being a superhero only then you should enter into the arena.